Calvary Road Gospel Association is a registered Canadian charity, engaged in evangelism and social development work in Cuba. It is our privilege and honor to work with, and support the evangelical church in Cuba, primarily in the rural areas.

The pastors, missionaries, and church planters supported by Calvary Road, through the support of a small group of Canadian evangelical churches and followers of Jesus Christ, are extremely effective in their ministry. They are the nationals, and they know their communities, their people, and their needs, and where God's resources can best be used for maximum effectiveness. 

It is not possible to know and work with the churches and the people without seeing the practical needs, and so Calvary Road also supports social needs, including furnishing and equipping a senior's home, equipping farms, providing durable, free bio-sand water filters to Cuban families and many other types of practical support. See our People & Projects page for a listing of our current projects.

Many interested supporters of the Calvary Road ministry work have joined with various members of the leadership team in the annual "Vision" trips to see the work for themselves and meet the people, whom they quickly grow to love and appreciate. Those interested in Vision trips, which take place in late fall and winter, and other aspects of our ministry may wish to receive the newsletter, which issues 3 times yearly.

The Calvary Road leadership team includes: David Ross (President), Rev Werner Peters (Executive Director), Amy Hayden, David Lee, Aylmer Ng, Walt Noordam (Secretary), Gerry Rupke, and Austin So (Treasurer).